Non-surgical treatment
( No DCR )

          Tears is produced all the time to lubricate and protect the eyes and is spread by blinking. The tears then drain out through the superior and inferior Puncta located at the inner part of the upper and lower eyelids, and go on into the Lacrimal sac which is a small pouch besides the nose before draining into your nose via Naso-lacrimal duct.

          The annoying problem of tears overflowing down the cheek is called " Epiphora " This can have many different causes such as lid sagging, dry eyes with reflex tearing but most commonly develops from abnormalities in any part of the Lacrimal drainage system. The obstruction of the lower part of this Lacrimal drainage system is called " Naso-lacrimal duct obstruction " and the treatment is by surgery called " Dacryocystorhinostomy " or DCR. This operation create a new tract from Lacrimal sac into your nose. The opertion is performed through a small incision on the face besides the nose ( External DCR ) , or through the nose with the use of an endoscope or not ( Endonasal DCR ). Endonasal DCR is now preferable as it avoids scar incision on the face but the operation is more complicated and need general anesthesia.

          Almost all of the patients always ask her doctors " Why this tiny problem like tearing do need such a big and complicated surgery ? " and because of this question that arouse me to develop non-surgical treatment of this disease.

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